A run around the Royal Park

Hannelore Goeman (sp.a): "As long as we are not allowed to stroll around in the Royal Park of Laeken, we will run around it."

This Sunday, the 25th of March, Brussels MP Hannelore Goeman (sp.a, Dutch speaking socialists) is organising a second edition of Park/cours, a running competition around  the Royal Park of Laeken. The competition is being held to promote the idea of opening parts of this beautiful park to the general public.

Many support opening the park to the general public. Earlier this year the Committee of Environmental Affairs of the Brussels Parliament instructed its president Charles Picqué to take up this proposal with the representatives of the King. To add momentum to this request, Goeman is organising the running competition for the second time:

“It’s an enormous park, as big as Monaco, situated in one of the most populated and densely built areas of the country. All the while it’s only accessible for the ‘happy few’. That might have had some logic to it in the past, but can hardly be explained nowadays. They ought to tear down this wall and let the inhabitants of Brussels enjoy it equally.

Hannelore Goeman is also trying to foster some goodwill from the Royal Family. Although the park is owned by the federal state, the Royal Family has a say in how it will be managed in the future. Hannelore hopes that if the King approves an opening will be forthcoming soon.

On the 21st of July King Phillip will celebrate his 5 year anniversary of ascending the throne. Wouldn’t that be an excellent opportunity for a generous gesture towards his citizens. If he does, next year, I’ll organise a competition in the park in his honour. He can even join us if he wants to.”

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